Thursday, March 10, 2011

Supermom to the rescue!

My partners and I recently found out that Aftershock Dance has been chosen to be interviewed for an article on inexpensive youth activities for Spring Break by a local news station .  (Try not to be in awe of my newly acquired celebrity status. I'm just a normal person like everyone else.) I'm sure it's only going to be a simple silly two sentence blurb. However, I still feel like a little kid who just annihilated a neatly wrapped present to discover a new pup inside.

The interview was today. They couldn't give us an exact time, but they said it would be between 12 and 2. Well, in my sheer excitement I was compelled to do what any sensible female would do in my shoes. Shopping! Now in past experiences this has not bode well with my mischievous children. However, this time I came prepared... or so I thought. I packed snacks, sippy cups, diapers, a change of clothes for Hailey and the key component to making this work, our gaming system's! For the record, I do not believe it's okay to allow your children to become socially inept by drowning their brain cells in video games but one day couldn't hurt, right?

All in all, my crooked plan appeared to be a success. We had gone through our first store and made it out without one shirt being ripped off it's rightful hanger and onto the dirty floor. Unfortunately, there was one minor unexpected drawback. We were in the car on our way to the next destination when Elijah urgently requested a "potty". Usually when he does this I have 10 maybe 15 minutes to swerve through 4 lanes of oncoming traffic and into the nearest rest stop but apparently he is far less aware of his bodily functions when he's immersed in his learning system because I had no more turned on my blinker when he announced, "It's okay, I'm better now." In all my preparations, I hadn't once considered packing a change of clothes for Elijah so inevitably that ends up being the one thing that I need.

I still hadn't found a new outfit for the interview and it was already 11:00 which left me no time to go all the way home and grab a new pair of pants for the boy. So in a desperate attempt to make this spontaneous trip work I totally went Macgyver on these babies! I stripped him down to his birthday suit, opened up all the windows in my car, rigged the phone dock to be used as a hanger and finally blasted the heat directly into the jeans. Leaving the pants to flap like the proud pee jeans they were. I am Macgyver wearing a supermom suit!


  1. I find this so hilarious because I did this with Shayna once!! And yes its true....most accidents Shayna has are while she's outside and completely focused on something else like soccer or her playset. Your life never ceases to surprise me Heather and congratulations on the interview. Hope it brings in a lot of new kids for you guys!!

  2. Heather, Heather...this is why I love you.