Friday, March 10, 2017

Guess who's baaaaack?

I find it no coincidence that exactly 6 years since my last post, I'm suddenly bursting at the seems to start this back up. Timing is everything after all. That last post feels like a lifetime ago. A lifetime that was flipped upside down into a parallel universe of molding sludge, dragged through a field of smelly socks and hung up to dry in 102 degrees of unforgiven heat... I won't even sugar coat it, my 20's sucked. But! With every blow, we pushed back with doubled-up strength. Those challenging years prepped this little family for the big leagues. Fortunately for me, even in the midst of all those changes, some things remained the same...

Elijah (now 10) is itching with the urge to shoot stuff as much as he's itching with the urge to cuddle up on you and exclaiming over how beautiful you are. His heart is as genuine as they come and as an added bonus his humor is as dry as my own. I often find myself wondering how I got so lucky to be blessed with such a beautiful soul.

Hailey has now graced me with 8 glamorous years of an adorably ornery existence. Her personality is as eccentric as her fashion sense. She is forever questioning how things tick and succeeds at anything she puts her mind to. Good luck getting anything passed this mini prodigy. Those little wheels of hers are on overdrive all day every day. 

As life would have it, we are now a strong little independent family of three. A family that is on the precipice of some very life changing adventures. Welcome back to this beautiful mess we call our life.