Wednesday, March 2, 2011

If momma ain't happy....

All my life I've heard stories about moms with elusive eyes in the back of their head giving them the ability to "see all and hear all" (because apparently a second pair of eyes enhances your hearing). It left me to wonder if after becoming a mom I would magically sprout my very own second set of eyes. I think now would be a good time to set the record straight. There is no whimsical set of eyes awaiting you after child birth. You are stuck with your simple, boring, solitary set of eyes the rest of your life. We've. Been. Jipped!... This realization only made yesterday all the more ruthless.

The kids and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to the farmer's market.  The last time we went to the farmer's market, Hailey was still young enough to be left in her car seat and then propped on the shopping cart. Needless to say, I was completely oblivious to the endeavor I had just taken upon myself. The moment they were taken out of the car the hellion in them was released! Any smart mom would have taken the hint and bowed out gracefully, but not this mom. I'm too stubborn for logic.

When we neared the market, the first thing to touch your senses was the wonderful aroma of manure. The kids began waving their hands in a world renown gesture typically known for saying, "What is that godawful smell???". As I'm sure you can imagine, the conversation to follow left them both in a fit of giggles. However, these giggles did not hinder them. They still managed to sniff, poke and yes even lick everything their grimy little fingers could reach. After half an hour of utter chaos, Elijah stopped abruptly and began to complain that something had gotten into his shoe. I turned to help him for a split second... a split second! That was all the time Hailey needed to grab an orange, take a crater of a bite out of the peel and spit it on the floor. Which was, of course, the finally straw for this stubborn, illogical mommy. I scooped up my children and ran for the hills, but not before Hailey succeeded in grabbing one last item and leaving an avalanche of boxes in her wake. I doubt that farmer's market will ever greet the Brogan's with open arms again.

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  1. Wait a few more years. They won't be recognizable. ;-)