Friday, February 4, 2011

Elijah the Builder (Can he fix it?)

Elijah has recently deemed himself Mr. Fix It. With his handy dandy "skoosedriver" and a 24 pack of AA batteries no toy stands a chance against his mighty revamping abilities.

Upon walking out of my bedroom, I felt like I had just entered an episode of Looney Tunes. I saw the trail of tasty morsels and just couldn't resist seeing where they would take me. Except in this scenario the tasty morsels were batteries. I suppose this was better then being led face to face with a double-barrel shotgun.

Hurricane Elijah made landfall on Friday, Feb 3rd in southeast Florida. Packing 80 mph winds, knocking down toys and leaving batteries in his wake.  

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  1. Oh Heather you and your children crack me up! Love that you have a blog now to tell about your adventures!